Area 4 Of the Montgomery County Pa. Democratic Committee consists of Collegeville, Limerick, Upper and Lower Providence, Royersford. Trappe, Skippack and Worcester. Our meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of the month at the IBEW building  3900 Ridge Pike Collegeville Pa. 19426 (Lower Providence side of River) at 7pm.

We have a store front located at  2828 W. Ridge Pike, Trooper, PA. This is used as a campaign office from Primary through the general election by us and candidates for calling and canvassing along with some local meetings.

    Executive Committee                                         Committee Leaders

Chair                            FrankBurstein                     Technology              CharlesSteinberger / BobDrummey   

First Chair                    Kevin Dunbar                      Newsletter                Ashley Wilkerson

Second Chair               Joe Ciresi                           Campaign Office       Preston Luitweiler

Treasurer                      Preston Luitweiler              Minority Outreach      KC Carolina

Assistant Treasurer      Margarita Breslin                By-Laws

Recording Secretary     Michael Barrett                   Gotv

Communications           Charles Steinberger           Data Entry

MCDC County Representatives                 Street Captain

Frank Burstein                                                          New Neighbors   Terry Hoffman / Ann Goodman
Lisa Moore                                                                Ursionus College
Matt Stehman
Charles Steinberger
Michael Barrett
State Committee 

Andrea Baptiste, Moon Ahn, Frank Burnstein

Area Committee

Collegeville             Andrea Baptiste 
C1 Ruth Mitman            Lisa Moore
C2 John Costello           Ashland Wright                              
C3 Riggins lll                 Catherine Kernen
Limerick           Ken Landon    BJ Enright
L1 Margarita Breslin                Oliver Cannady
L2 Ken Landon                        Vacant
L3 Denise Burstein                  Tracy Hackett
L4 Nate Reidy                          Colleen Gray-Lelli
L5 Jeane Lewis                        Keith Patterson
L6 BJ Enright                           Marie Elton
Lower Providence       KC Carolina 
LP 1-1 Ahmet Akincilar           Inga Akincilar
LP 1-2 Bob Drummey             Kathy Kohler
LP 2-1 Jeanne Greet              Kathy Maakold
LP 2-2 Jerry Lazzaro              Terry Hoffman
LP 2-3 Jean Hembrick            Ami Calamari
LP 2-4 KC Carolina                 Vacant
LP 3-1 Shannon Chase           Vacant
LP 3-2 Joe Bova                      Vacant
LP 3-3 Jon Webster                 Laura Winslow
LP 3-4 Paul Heinegg               Robert Goodman
Royersford               Matt Stehman
R1 Matthew Stehman              Linda Courtemanche
R2 Vacant                                Vacant
Skippack                   Tom Biggar
S1 Beatrice Kim Redden         Dean W. Riley Jr
S2 Thomas Biggar                  Charles Steinberger
S3 Michael Barrett                   Vacant
Trappe                    Michael Ahern
T  Michael Ahern                       Brian Donovan
Upper Providence         Peter Harrison
M1 Joseph Haney(p)                 Vacant
M2 Matthew Allhiser                  Bill Starling
MC John Pearson                      Vacant
Oaks Peter Harrison                  Ed Dressler 
Trappe  Laurie Higgins              Kathleen Drennen
Worcester                        Moon Ahn
E1 Ed Corne                       Vacant
E2 Carrie DeHaven            Jean Copan     
E3 Joanne Ruzzi                Vacant
W Deb Klock                     David Pascucci