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Note From Joe Foster MCDC 0

Note From Joe Foster MCDC

Greetings, In the latest series of national polling, RCP reports Secretary Clinton leads Trump by a very precarious 1 percentage point, while the Libertarian and Green Party candidates combine for 11.5 percent. Earlier, CBS...

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DNC discusses Clinton, Sanders Rift

Fact Checking Day 1 RNC 0

Fact Checking Day 1 RNC

Fact check: Night 1 of GOP convention | CLEVELAND — The 2016 Republican National Convention opened with the first day’s theme “Make America Safe Again.” But in some cases the facts weren’t safe...

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Summer State Meeting

Dear Friends – Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. This newsletter will provide an update on State Committee events, our candidates, the Democratic Convention, and elected officials. We hope that you will share the...